Develop You Hypnotic Rapport Skills in One Easy Step

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The video that follows is the fastest way I know of developing your rapport skills. Before we get to it here is an excellent little email I received literally a few moments ago.

Automatic Rapport Skills

From: Kathy

Sent: 18 June 2010 14:14

To: Rintu

Subject: Re: Kathy, Lesson One Black Book Persuasion Programme is here for you

Hi Rintu –
I have been reading the BB, writing out and practicing phrases and I am getting pretty good at rapport, matching and mirroring.  I had the opportunity to ‘try out’ a few phrases with my granddaughter, as she was having one of her fits, and as I was using a few words – realize, see, experience, aware – she would stop crying, but start up when it wasn’t the thing she wanted – then a few minutes later she wanted the cheese that I offered her and she quit crying (she’s five now).  So little by little, esp. for this one, I am seeing small results.  I love reading the BB and am going thru it once again after the first round is done.  It is amazing how all of this fits together and is so helpful!

Thank you!  Kathy

How to Develop Your Persuasion Skills

Notice how Kathy has started playing and experimenting with her new skills. She is practicing in a safe environment and has picked a situation where she can watch the response and check the results that she is getting. This is a brilliant way of developing your ability and confidence in using patterns.

Kathy, well done and thanks for taking the time to write. This means lots of other people can benefit from your approach.

About John Vincent

John is a professional magician, speaker, author and NLP Trainer that I was lucky to meet a few months back. He is currently putting together a great new product about rapport. I have been going through a review copy at the moment and it is awesome. But I will tell you about that in a couple of weeks when John is ready to launch.

The other day John sent me an email saying that he noticed in The Persuasion Skills Black Book a Rapport exercise that is quite similar to one of his and could he have permission to quote the version that is in the book. John is a great guy with lots of keen insights and so I automatically agreed.

John has done a brilliant job of bringing to life and explaining this rapport drill. The video is only six minutes long and if you spend another six minutes using the drill a couple of times during the day it will become automatic. This is a real simple device to turn you rapport dial all the way up to eleven. Here is the link to the Rapport Video.

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