Preframes, The Key to Covert Persuasion

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This is an article about a powerful little persuasion principle which is very flexible to use and can cause people to automatically follow your lead.

A Click Whirr Response to Authority

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review and recommend a book to my readers. One person automatically bought the book, just because I recommended it. He didn’t like the book and complained in quite nasty terms to me about it.

Of Course You Would, You Are Biased

And then I received an email from someone else criticising my review saying of course I was going to write a glowing review the author is a student of mine. In the first case I seemed to have bypassed his ability to critically think for himself and in the second their view of the world set out how I was “obviously” acting.

Pre-frames, The Real Power of Persuasion

Initially I was quite annoyed. But after I started to think about it I can see how this happens. All that is happening is people have come in with their own perspective and are operating from it. For example the first person had decided that my authority was enough to auto buy on my recommendation instead of thinking for himself. The second guy has a perspective on how things operate in the world and is applying that bias to me.

Here is a video of this sort of bias in action in a different context:

What if you were able to change their perspective before the action?

Just by the way the scene is set up people are operating from the baggage that they have brought in with them. But what if you could add, change or take away particular frames before the action?

One of the things I do with all my coaching and training work is to layer in some frames, ways of thinking or beliefs before starting on the content. For example I have just written three more reviews on Amazon. In each I have deliberately set them up to preframe the reader about the bias in my reviews.

But before you go and have a look at these products and my reviews let me suggest something to you. I don’t expect people to like everything I like and dislike everything I dislike. Some people ask me to recommend things and ask questions about what would be best for them.

The reality is I can’t tell you. I have no idea about your experiences, knowledge or your applications. All I can do is give you some information about the product, why I like it and possibly some suggestions about who I think might gain some benefit from it. But from there it is your job to look at it and match it to your requirements.

So with that in mind here are three products that I think are great with links to both the UK and USA Amazon. My reviews are the same on both sites and you are going through my Amazon affiliate link (if you make an informed decision to buy then I would like to get a few pennies back for it).

But before you head off to look at those reviews and check the preframes I install with those readers scan back through this article and check what preframes I am layering with you as well.


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If you want to really understand how you can use preframes in everyday situations you might want to have a look at Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed. Click through and Find out More Here:



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