The Art of Suggestion and Influence

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This article is about an amazing book you can download for free but this is time limited and you need to act today.

John Vincent, Rapport Master

I have recently read a great book written by my good friend John Vincent called The Art of Suggestion and Influence. Despite the fact that it is a great book I have had some difficulty recommending for you, but John has agreed an amazing deal that now makes me think this is a must have book for your collection. Let me explain:

NLP Crowd Control

John’s book, The Art of Suggestion and Influence, is written specifically for Magicians and Mind Readers to allow them to use NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques both overtly and covertly. This makes the book both easy and difficult to recommend to readers that are not magicians.

The first part of the book deals with techniques from anchoring and rapport through specific language patterns such as embedded commands and ambiguity. Since the book is written with a magician in mind these topics are covered from an unusual angle. That means however well you are experienced in NLP and Hypnosis you are likely to find new applications, key distinctions and useful material in this book. I certainly did, I learnt a whole lot more about phonological and punctuation ambiguity as well as some interesting ideas about suggestion.

As a person that often works with groups I also got some really cool ideas about suggestion, presentation and covert control. The amount I got from this book was well worth the effort and I am sure anyone that is interested in persuasion and influence, being a magician or working with groups will get a huge amount from this book.

The second and third sections of the book deal with tricks you can do with suggestions and hypnotic phenomena respectively. Again I got a lot of useful stuff to play with individuals and groups. Again if you work with individuals or groups there is material here that you wouldn’t find in any normal NLP book that you might find useful.

But here is the issue. Not everyone is in these categories, so whilst I think everyone can get a lot from this book most will have to work at changing the context to suit their purposes. Luckily John has agreed for a limited time to give readers of my blog an electronic copy of his book completely free. This is a phenomenal offer and before you download the book let me explain why John would make such an offer to this group.

The Art of Rapport Building

John has put together a new product, The Rapport Master Daily Video Series. I am going though it at the moment and think it is thoroughly brilliant. You get a less than five minute video every working day packed full of rapport techniques along with ideas on how to practice them. In short you get to learn loads of Rapport techniques in a way that is easy to keep up with.

What has this got to do with The Art of Suggestion and Influence? Simply that John is using this as a Rapport Builder and Ice Breaker. By offering his book out to you it gives you the opportunity to find out more about John Vincent, get used to his style and get to notice how good his products are.

I will write a full review of The Rapport Master programme and negotiate some sort of deal for you ready for the launch, but I can already say the product is great. But for the moment download your free copyand have some fun learning some of the suggestions, mind reading and hypnotic effects John has laid out for you in The Art of Suggestion and Influence.

Unfortunately John’s offer is now closed but you can laugh at my attempt at rapport building to elicit information and to force decisions that goes disastrously wrong

If you want to know more about rapport building have a look at the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course.

3 Comments on “The Art of Suggestion and Influence”

  1. Marty

    Hi Rintu,

    It seems I have picked up on this article much later than I would have preferred. I too often work with groups and successfully use a fair few techniques to build rapport with my clients. There IS something magical about successful communication, so I feel that the fact this is written froma a

    1. Rintu Basu

      Sorry about that Marty, but have a word with John. He is a nice guy and that Rapport course was good so he might be convinced to open it up again.

  2. Kevin O'Kane


    I perform comedy stage hypnosis shows. So, while I’m not a magician or mentalist, I think this will be beneficial.

    Thanks, I look forward to reading this book.

    Warmest regards,


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