Turning Shop Assistants into Mind Controlled Zombies

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Over the last few of articles you have seen how I accidentally tranced a poor sales assistant through the floor. This article is about how I seized that opportunity and turned her into a virtual robot that is just responding to my commands and how you can use the same principles to seize control of any conversation.

The Story so Far

Over this series of articles you will have discovered how frame control is an NLP Technique that allows you take control of people’s (including your own) thinking. My ideal visualisation of this is digging the trench for the flow of thoughts. So long as you are digging the trench the flow of thoughts will just follow the path that you digging.

For example read the previous two articles and pay particular regard to the beginning of the second article where I explain about installing new concepts. Before you go and reread that bit just hold in your mind the question “Why did he choose to explain this to the reader in this part of the article?” And once you are done with that ask yourself why I just asked you to do that.

Here are the links to the last two articles.

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Article Two – Confusion over sausages – Where we discover how frames of reference can be set up to lead people in a direction

An Interlude – Turning Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie – An interlude where you discover how I accidentally used the tools we have been discussing to be offered a job

I noticed the shop assistant going further into trance when I asked the question about pork or beef. Sadly my mischievous side usually pops out in these circumstances and I decided to see how far I could push it.

The key to pattern interrupts of this sort is to keep the subject on a roll so they can’t gather their thoughts. Remember the neds looking for the NLP Practitioner’s wallet. He just held them in that strange place until it felt normal to accept his leadership.

People in Confusion Seek Resolution

I waited until the shop assistant had almost finished processing and was fast coming to the conclusion that I was talking nonsense. Just before she popped out of trance I asked another question, “The sausage, is it pork or beef?”

This is yet more confusion for her. She has part of a frame now and that is even more confusion. Somehow she has gone from a simple up-sell that she has done many times over to talking about the content of the sausages. This is a great position because she still has no idea of what she is talking about but she can answer the question. This is a hypnotist’s wet dream, having a client following their commands without any frame of reference to hold on to. From here it is easy to turn her into a walking talking automaton ready to obey your every command.

The Power of Frames

Have you ever been in a situation where you so powerfully believe something that no other option exists? Even to the point where you hallucinate situations to confirm your frame? Trust me if you can’t think of one it is only because you have not broken out of the frame yet.  When I first started formally studying language I was given this concept that language acted as a filter on our perceptions. As an experiment look at your hand and say to yourself, “This hand”.

Look away and clear that thought for a moment. Then look at your hand again and say to yourself, “That hand”. Most people doing this exercise experience their hand differently just by changing the word from “this” to “that”. There are a number of reactions but the biggest seems to be either seeing or feeling as if there is more distance or separation between you and your own hand when you say “that” instead of “this”. And this is because linguistically that is exactly what those two words create.

I don’t know if you can imagine the impact that this has when you start looking at language as a filter in these kinds of ways. At the time I was working as a trainer and I quickly started to put this language stuff in to practice.

Shape the Valley and the River Will Flow Where You Want

I realised that I could use my language to filter in what I want and filter out what I don’t want. If I frame the conversation in this way and my students accepted the statements then they are only going to travel where I want them to go. Here is a simple example.

At the beginning of a course I might say something like,

“I don’t want you to accept anything I say because I say it. I want you to look at it, think it through, pull it apart and put it back together again in a way that makes sense for you. Then you can believe it because it is yours and you can use it the way that you want.”

Think about it for a second and analyse the paragraph above. I have given the group a set of instructions on how to accept everything I say by making it their own. All this is couched round a very reasonable “don’t just blindly accept what I say” even thought that is exactly what I am asking them to do. If they accept my statement then I am already a massive step forward in training these students.

tranceOf course this is a cut down version of what I do and is only one pattern in many that I use at the start of a training course. I lead people through a whole process that takes them further down this rabbit hole. If you want to see me using a whole range of these patterns live with an audience including a whole transcription of the event plus my notes deconstructing my processes as well as giving you suggestions on how you can use the patterns for yourself in any other context I will have an offer for you shortly.

And of course you can do this in any conversation once you have this concept of how you filter language by the words that you use. Now that you know this how many different ways can you think of using it?

Have a look at the previous paragraph and notice how asking the question in a particular way leads you down a specific path of my choosing. It also works with statements. Imagine how much fun can you have playing with conversations in this way.

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed

My Persuasion Skills on Steroids will take you through exactly how I frame things to get these results. It is a powerful and advanced course. So I have bundled my Persuasion Skills Black Book and the Master Training Programme with it so even if you are a complete beginner you have everything you need to develop powerful skills.

Seriously in the book you will find instruction on how you can dramatically increase your skill levels just with ten minutes practice a day as well as some of the most effective hypnotic language patterns ever. And in the Black Book Master Training Programme you will learn how to install a new persuasive personality, how to use your voice to induce trance in others and how to use your imagination to improve your skills.

And after all of that you get three hours of video of me “working” an audience fully transcribed and with my notes deconstructing everything and how you can use the same tools.

I need to get everything in place to open this offer up for tomorrow. But until then have a look at the FAQs for the course. Click through and read them here.

Why Make the Offer?

There are lots of reasons I could cite as to why I am making this offer. Obviously I want money, this is my livelihood but it would be a poor business if this was only about the money. I am really making this offer because I want to share the joy of playing with this material. I love the idea of people taking my material and using it to create a dramatic improvement to their lives and the lives of the people around them.

I could come up with lots of reasons to run a promotion but at the moment I am simply doing this because I have some space (as part of the course you do get access to me via the FaceBook Group and email) and I want some fun people to take up the course and to come to play in my sandpit. The offer will only be there for a few days so have a look at the FAQ and decide if this is a course for you. Here is the link where you can click through and read more.

The Next Article

In the nest article you will see video footage of my friend using these skills to disarm an angry shouty man with just a banana and a smile. And I will show you how I used those same skills to turn this shop assistant in to a walking automaton that just followed my commands. Incidental the banana is not a necessary part of the process but it does add a certain flavour.


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