Using NLP to Steal from a Baker

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Last week I stumbled on to a NLP Technique for stealing bacon rolls. I recognise this is quite a niche area so I did some research and discovered people using the same process to fight racism, stop crime and forcing people to smile. This series of articles has demonstrations of how you can apply this idea across all these contexts.

The Gift of Bacon

baconrollI was on my way to work one morning and decided to stop off at the bakers for a bacon roll. I was tired, dishevelled and had not yet had my morning coffee. Needless to say I was a little distracted.

During subsequent visits I have discovered that the bakers have a promotion on where they are trying to upsell a potato scone in to your breakfast roll of choice. Sadly this was the one thing that led me dangerously close to a new career as a criminal mastermind.

Interrupting the Click Whirr Response

We spend most of our lives in a hypnotic trance. A lot of the things that we do are automatic processes. Could you imagine what would happen to you if you tried to live your life consciously?

Reading this article might seem easy, but what if you have to do everything consciously? Remember all the micro muscle movements you have to do with your eyes just to track the words. And we have not started on the breathing, blinking, the recognition of the words and making the connections to your life. You hand over all the routine “non-essential” elements to your unconscious mind so you can  just focus on understanding this article.

On this particular day I had already worked out what was supposed to happen in the bakers I had done it so many times before I did not need to consciously think about it. The encounter was supposed to go;

  1. I walk in
  2. I ask for a bacon roll
  3. The shop assistant gives it to me
  4. I hand over the money
  5. I leave the shop

The shop assistant interrupted the process by asking me a complicated question, probably about a potato scone.

I say probably because I didn’t actually hear what she said. I just became conscious of the fact that she was waiting for me to say something. I panicked. We are socialised to respond when people ask us questions and I was breaking my end of this social agreement. I stood there staring blankly at her as I desperately scrabbled for an answer to a question I had not heard.

Rapport, the En-trance to Rapport

When unexpected things happen you go inside your mind to try and make sense of what is happening and how to bring the situation back to something that you understand.

Let’s look at what is happening to the shop assistant. Up to the point where she asked the question everything was going as per expectation. She had probably done this a hundred times before and was also following her unconscious pattern.

She asked the question and I stood there not answering. For a brief moment she went inside to discover what was going on. If she had been left for a few more moments she would have come up with the idea that I had not heard the question and she would have asked it again. But disaster struck and she was transformed from innocent shop assistant to gullible victim in an instant.

An Observer’s Position

Let’s take an observer’s role for a moment and see how this situation is quickly becoming a hypnotic meltdown. Until she asked the question we had both been deeply unconscious and following the expected routine. At the point where she asks the question the routine is broken. First for me because I was not expecting a question and then for her because she was expecting a reply. For both of us for a split second our frames of reference have gone and we are both plunged deeper in to our respective trances to find an answer… this is a very deep rapport state.

Normally the whole situation would be resolved by her realising that I had not heard the question. She would then restate it and I would give her an answer thereby regaining the standard social dynamic. Everything would be alright with the world and we could go back to normal. But I am ashamed to admit I accidently blew out all her frames of reference, plunged her into a deeper trance and stole the bacon roll.

Frame Control a Powerful NLP Persuasion Process

What started here is an accidental method of taking away the normal frames of reference. People that have had lots of NLPness inserted in to them call this a pattern interrupt although some of the more intelligent ones also recognise this as frame control.

It happens a lot accidentally and when it does you can gain a lot from it. Often you can create situations and use them to take people into some startlingly deep trances. From there, because they are responding to you, you can lead them to anywhere you want to go. I once had some very violent individuals who wanted to offer me violence end up stroking imaginary kittens. The whole process is written up in the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Persuasion Skills Black Book

Persuasion Skills Black Book The “Persuasion Skills Black Book” available to buy from Amazon – The best selling book on hypnotic language and using conversational hypnosis to get the result you want.

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Buy it from Paperback or Kindle

Over the next few days you will discover how frame control can be built in to a powerful technique that means people just have to do what you want them to do.

In the next article we will deconstruct how an NLP practitioner managed to get people intent on robbing him to give him the taxi fare home as well as how I managed to control all the frames with the shop assistant in the bakers.

But before we get there have a read through this article again but from a different perspective. Keep in mind a few questions like:

  • What frames existed before you started to read the article?
  • How have they changed as a result of this article?
  • What frames am I already setting up for the next article?
  • How many different places can you think of where you could use this advantage?

If you want to see me demonstrate how to covertly take control and lead people specifically where I want them to go…as well as learn how to do the same with anyone for any situation you choose then have a look at the FAQs for PSOSD right here…but don’t buy it because I am setting up a unique deal for you in the next couple of days.


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