How to Turn Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie

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This article is about frame control and pattern interrupts. It demonstrates the power of these powerful NLP Techniques through an example where I dropped an interviewer in to trance and shovelled loads of post hypnotic suggestions to employ me in to his head.

My hosting company was hacked on Wednesday. This meant the website was down for 36 hours. This was a problem in its self but shortly before the site went down I had sent an email out for people to come and look at my latest article. The net result was I received a flood of emails and was too busy to answer many of them. So in a bizarre way my mini series of articles about pattern interrupts has suffered from a pattern interrupt.

This article is a stop gap to give me some breathing space and consolidate before getting back to that series. That said as way of apology this article has some direct application for the frame control and pattern interrupt thing we have been discussing. And I have a special offer on one of my courses as well.

Utilisation – A Hypnotists Approach to Disruption

One thing a good hypnotist will do is utilise whatever is occurring as part of the overall approach. When I used to do 121 work with clients I got used to using a particular pattern, “…take that as a sign that…”

I might be taking someone through a trance induction and a police siren might go off outside (my office is in the middle of Glasgow City Centre). I might say something like, “As you are relaxing deeper you may here a siren in the background take that to be a sign that you are going even deeper in to trance.”

In a sales meeting when the prospect interrupts me to ask a distracting question I might say something like, “Great question and can we take that as a sign that you are interested in exploring the benefits of …”

I have a habit when face to face training of sticking flipcharts on the walls as we go. They occasionally fall off and when they do I am known for saying things like, “…and you can take that as a sign that your old structures are falling away to be replace with new learning, skills and different ways of thinking. Shall we just pause for a moment whilst you think of all the ways your life is going to be even better as you use these skills or shall we just continue safe in the knowledge that you are already integrating these new skills and dramatically improving your life…”

Incidentally if you want an opportunity to train with me face to face, model my utilisation process and become really fluent with this sort of hypnotic language in normal conversational settings then feel free to have a look at the only NLP Practitioner Course that I am running this year. Click through and read about the course right here.

Interrupting Your Own Patterns

An incident happened whilst at university that had a significant impact on me. I accidentally got offered a prime job over three far better candidates when I was desperately trying to fail the interview.

I go in to the exact circumstance in my Job Hunting System which I am just about to give you a special offer on so let me cut the whole story down to the core. For a variety of reasons I was compelled to go to the interview but didn’t want the job. For reason that are not relevant for the moment I had to turn up and feign interest. I needed to look worse than at least one of the other candidates so I didn’t get offered the job.

I went into the interview with a plan to disrupt the whole thing. If I had actually known what I was doing this would have been genius. As it was I had no idea of what powerful hypnotic persuasion principles I was playing with. I sent the interviewer in to trance, filled his head with post hypnotic suggestions and had no clue about the fact that I had done this.

Interrupting the Click Whirr Response in Your Head

Think about job interviews for a moment. Many people think of them as turning up and presenting their wares for the company to decide if they want to employ you. If I had wanted the job I almost certainly would have had some variation of that idea running in my head. The point is if you do this then you have let go of any power you have over the situation.

One of the things we work hard on with my Job Hunting System is to disrupt that set of patterns firstly in yourself and then in the head of your interviewer. At the time of my interview I didn’t want the job so the usual patterns were not running in my head. I just wanted to feign interest and at the same time disqualify myself for the job.

I went in to the interview and said something close to, “My exam results reflect that I am a great engineer. Tell me why I should accept your job?”

If you have read the previous two articles on frame control you will already recognise what I have accidentally done here. If you have not yet read the articles then here are the links:

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Confusion to a New Understanding

My interviewer was thrown in to a trance and the only thing he could grasp on to was the question (actually it is a direct command…just like you will see with the shop assistant and the bacon roll next week). So he started to explain and justify why I should work in his company.

Think about this for a moment, my interviewer was supplying himself lots of internal images of me doing the role as he justifies why I should work for him. At the time I was a good engineering student, had lots of natural curiosity about the subject and the interviewer was talking about some really interesting projects.

I naturally started discussing the project, offered suggestions and we talked for over an hour about all things engineering within his company. We built a lot of great rapport as we discussed various engineering problems. I offered suggestions and ideas. Sometimes good ones, often things that he had thought of or just not practical (remember I was just starting out in my engineering career). At the end of the time he apologised for taking all the time up discussing how I would fit in with the organisation.

I left with a massive smile on my face. I disrupted the interview, he didn’t get to ask any questions and we just had a nice chat about some interesting projects instead of talking about me. In my teenage, inexperienced mush of a head there was no way he was going to offer me the job after that. My head was filled with the idea of how the other three candidates would have much better normal interviews.

Disrupt the Pattern and Lead Them

Imagine my surprise, disgust and horror when the guy offered me the job. It was only years later when I had started really examining interview situations that I truly understood what I had done. Just to make it explicit:

[box color=”grey-mute” type=”round” icon=””]I disrupted the interviewer’s frame of reference and then led him to making lots of internal representations of me doing a good job in the company.

Instead of discussing my experience I gave him an active demonstration of my abilities by discussing his project, how they worked and the quality of thought I could bring to them.

I did all of this is the frame of a trance state I had put him in (I was also in a trance state as well) because I had ripped away the normal expected routine in this situation.[/box]

And if you like hypnotic language, my opening statement framed the whole interview as a justification for why I should take the job. I had presupposed the offer before we had even begun and the interviewer had accepted the post hypnotic suggestion by the way he responded.

The Hypnotic Job Hunting Mega Pack

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