Using NLP to Spot a Liar

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Politician at work

Yesterday I published an article about the body language of politicians in a UK debate. Today we will examine another political debate and body language where what they believe and what they say are two different things. This is a complex subject but in this article you will see one of the ways people give away the fact that they don’t believe what they … Read More

UK Leaders, Liars and Cheats

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The UK is gearing up for what is going to be a fractious and hard fought election. In the first of several leaders’ debates these politicians are desperate to use covert persuasion skills to push the vote their way. Discover their dirty tricks right here.

One Simple Way of Losing the Sale

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Industrial engineering designing

Here is one simple method of snatching a disaster from the jaws of victory and not even notice you are doing it. It is an example of how some simple things really created a devastating effect even when everything was pointing in the right direction.

NLP Case Study Corrupting Baby Police Officers

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3d Small dog joins the police force

This article is a case study about how we got some police officers to arrest innocent people. This is not a skill that you are likely to want or to use in this fashion. But imagine for a moment that you had that amount of persuasive ability and could apply the concept in other areas to get people to do … Read More