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This article is to introduce a video that demonstrates an accelerated learning model can help you dramatically improve your skills in any area of your life. I have seen people use this model to increase their results hundreds of times over in sales, management, parenting, and dating.

Self-Coaching and Skills Development 

My good friend Mina, has talked me into doing a presentation for her NLP Practice Group, NLP 96. She has been running the group since 1996 and they meet weekly in Glasgow. I have developed a number of coaching models over the last ten years based on my knowledge and experiences and thought it would be a good idea to shine the light of day on them.

I wanted to give people quick, easy and simple to use models that if they apply consistently will give you huge results. I think taking a few minutes every day brings better results over time than spend huge blocks of time but inconsistently. This video is the first part of a video on skills development and is typical of the sort of models I like to develop. In this context I am applying it to learning Covert Hypnotic Language Patterns but you can apply it to any skill you want to develop.

The model I will demonstrate on the presentation is a little deeper than this. It uses creative visualisation (hypnotic trance states for all you NLP Jargon junkies) to look at the discrepancy between how you are doing against how well you would like to be doing. And then using multiple viewpoints you can explore different ways of developing not just the skills but also blow out the limiting beliefs and installing new, more supportive beliefs to dramatically improve your performance.

How you can find out more?

This talk is in Glasgow. Whilst I recommend that you come along I think that might be unrealistic for the majority of my readership as they are not within travelling distance. I need to know if it is worth recording and publishing the video. If you are on Facebook you can click through to the event and book (we need to get an idea of numbers before booking a venue) or let us know if you want us to video and publish the event later.

5 Comments on “NLP, Accelerated Learning and Coaching”

  1. Andy

    Yes please, this is another vote for a recording. Also, is it just me or is the audio on the recording here very quiet? I have to turn the volume right up on my computer, which isn’t something I’ve had to do with anything else.

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Andy,

      sorry but yes the audio quality is not the greatest and the level is a little low. Hopefully it is still enough to e heard though.



  2. Matt

    You would be further appreciated by uploading the video for us in other countries giving us the opportunity to learn even more from you and allowing us to appreciate your insights.

    Thanks Rintu!

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