A Hypnotic Language Pattern for Covertly Changing Behaviour

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I have been asked a couple of times about a general pattern for covertly installing an idea, behaviour or belief. There are lots of ways of doing this and one of my favourites is using metaphors. That process is fully covered in the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course and you can grasp that fully when you go through that course. So I thought I would give you a simple pattern for this article instead.

Here is a pattern for you:

You could just link what you want them to do with something that they can imagine that is further in the future and then ask them a question that presupposed the result that you are looking for in the answer to the question.

That didn’t sound easy but trust me it is. You will pick it up as you look at a couple of examples. But before we get to those examples you will integrate this better if you have a couple of ideas of how you would use this idea as we go ahead. How will you use this concept?



I would love you to buy this products because I think it will save you a lot of money in the long run. It would be fun to picture you out in the future counting out all the money you had saved. Am I right in assuming saving money is something you want to do?

Belly FlabBelly Button Licking

I accept not everyone likes having their belly button licked but it would be like a guilty secret and everyone likes sharing a guilty secret even if it only with themselves. Would you share this guilty secret with anyone other than us?

Warning: you probably want to lead into that particular pattern…I’ve not tried it with complete strangers on first contact but I suspect it may need a bit of build up.

Learning More

The best way to learn these patterns is to think of a situation fiddle around with the pattern until you can get it to fit. The more you do that the more you sort of transcend the pattern itself and start thinking about this is sequences of internal representations or how this goes through the mind of your audience. Just how good are you feeling seeing yourself locking that idea down?

So here is an opportunity for you, think through a few examples and then write your best one down in the comments section below. It might take a day or so for me to moderate them but how good does it feel knowing you have not only solidified your own understanding but help all the other people reading this article?

And if you want a shot at learning the hundreds of different ways of installing unconscious behaviours, beliefs and ideas then it is all here for you on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course. Click through and find out more here:



8 Comments on “A Hypnotic Language Pattern for Covertly Changing Behaviour”

  1. Calaen Burton

    You know it would be great to work with someone like me who is naturally good at language patterns. Imagine the modeling off each other that would result in transcending rapidly into advanced patterns. Who wouldn’t want that?

    I have naturally integrated language patterns that are advanced due to successfully teaching myself to trust the the micro-trance I can put myself while reading a pattern. Imagine if we were to talk to each other for an extended amount of time to reframe each other’s minds for the better. That’s something I imagine you would love to participate in. Am I wrong?

  2. Calaen

    I have noticed that my linguistic abilities seem to develop at a rapid pace. Because of my ability to model patterns simply by reading patterns until it is easily understood. Instead of being confusing.

  3. Andre

    Hi Rintu,
    I’ve been following you for a while now,
    I loved this article as it helped me understand your pattern and think of a clear question to ask you!

    I agree that this pattern might work very efficiently, and the issue is not that it works, it is that it must work COVERTLY! So I’m wondering… How do you propose using this language pattern without the other being suspecting that you want to initiate a change in their behavior?

    Thank you so much for your consideration 😉

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Andre,

      The key is really to practice making this part of your normal language. Once you see this as a natural way of talking everyone else will see it that way as well. At the moment you are at a stage where you notice the patterns because they are new and unfamiliar to you. Imagine sometime in the future where you are using the patterns automatically just to point to where you want people to go. The reality is that you do that already, we all do, all this is doing is training your mind to use language more efficiently. How cool will it be when you notice that you are doing this naturally?



  4. mariam

    i’d love to see us in the future as old people, still loving and passionate.
    imagine us, we are healthy, looking good, have kids and still love eachother more than ever. would you like that feeling too

  5. Oliver

    I agree that helping me murder the ex is not without some risk, though just imagine how terrible we’ll have it when our secret accounts are discovered; do you really want to go back to living like that?

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