Hypnotic Language Pattern Example, Lesson 4

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We all learn through example. It is one of the reasons that I have very blatant and obvious examples of Hypnotic Language Patterns throughout my site.

The Key to NLP Persuasion Techniques 

As you learn more come back to the site and look for examples of patterns.

NLP Language Pattern Example

Here is an example of a straightforward use of one of the patterns found in The Persuasion Skills Black Book that was sent in by Kate. I really like this example because it is fits naturally into what Kate is trying to say. Here is the email in full:

Hi Rintu,

I haven’t emailed you before, but have been using the patterns during the last couple of weeks.  The example of real practice are really useful to me to help me work out ones for myself. So here’s one of mine: I have been offered training that I want, but at the wrong time – I want 5th/6th May which I know is full.  So I sent:

I’ve arranged for my husband to be at home with my 3 year old twins for the 5th and 6th May.  Is there any chance I can be fitted into that training time as he can’t take the time off in July, and I really want to try this before September?  I agree that this time is probably already booked up and I would like to add that my booking time off is a sign of my commitment.

Okay not huge deal, but I’m now top of the waiting list and very likely to attend as someone always drops out! The thing I find very interesting about all this, is that it doesn’t matter if you know what is going on, it still works.  I spot your patterns well before you explain them, but I’m still taken along.  I’m also finding them very useful with my three year old twins.

Best wishes


This is a great example of how you can just simply add patterns in to your natural use of language. And imagine what your life would be like when you are instinctively throwing out hypnotic language patterns as part of your natural speech?

Kate also brings up a really interesting point…even though I tell you that I am using a whole load of hypnotic patterns and that I try to make them big, obvious and blatant Kate still finds that they work.

Hypnotic  Language – Works even if you are blatant

The reason behind this is that to make sense of anything that is said you have to make an internal representation of it. If I want you to think of a blue car, just by talking about a blue car will cause you to think of one. Hypnotic Persuasion Skills is all about structuring your language in sequences of internal representations that lead the listener in the direction you want them to go in. It does not matter if they know what you are doing or not…if they are still listening then it is happening.

Getting agreement might be another matter, but if they can imagine agreement then the possibility is open for you. To find out more about how to structure sequences of internal representations through conversation check out The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

NLP Training

The Persuasion Skills Black Book will give you a head start in structuring your language so that you are sequencing the listener through different states and pointing them towards the things that you want them to notice.

Thanks Kate for allowing me to publish your email…it’s a great example and an opportunity to share some things about internal representations.

11 Comments on “Hypnotic Language Pattern Example, Lesson 4”

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Sarah,
      My guess is you are probably over thinking it. Kate’s example is probably not the best to think about because she is using a pattern the way she naturally speaks and in a specific context. It is not a clean example.

      Have a look at my response to Johnathon as an example of shifting some internal representations around.



  1. Rintu Basu

    I am certified through David Shepard’s PErformance Partnership and later through Tad James, Advanced Neurodynamics and John Overdurf and Julie Siverthorne. All of these come under the ABNLP and ABH.

    I will be running more master pracs in the future but I think I am likely to specialise in Master Pracs for Trainers and Caoches.


  2. Tom Gilfillan

    One of the Quotes that I always use and remember from Rintu is this, The key To Persuasion: “Ask people to think the way you want them to think.” This one sentence incorporates so much of what Rintu teaches about Persuasion Skills and NLP. Think about it. Ask (asking, not telling, let’s people “own” the idea your questions create, which almost completely removes any resistance to what you are “asking’) by making them think, you guide them into the state or process YOU are creating. Using Preframes and Presuppositions (agreement/awareness patterns), which are basically covert hypnosis language patterns, and the correct verb tense (past, present, or future), you dramatically increase the success of Your Persuasion Skills. I’ve listened to the Lessons on MP3’s everyday for over a year, and learn something new every time you listen.

  3. Lee

    Hi Rintu

    I really like your approach , it’s practical clear concise and fun !

    I wonder are you Bandler certified , or otherwise ?

    I took a course in Practitioner under Bandler , and i’m looking sometime in the future to do the Masters !

    Do you do courses in training for the Master Practitioner ?

  4. tim

    This is a nice blog with very good information on hypnosis material. Bookmarking now and will continue to visit in the future. Good Job.

  5. Greg Woodley


    I used NLP Language patterns for years when I was working as a B2B salesperson. Helped my sales results immensely.


  6. Rintu Basu

    Hi Johnathon,
    I almost completely agree with you. The frame I have around this is that people use these patterns on each other every day as naturally occuring speech. The only thing that is different is the likes of the people reading this website know what they are doing and can use this to move things in a particular direction. I think this is a more useful frame, particualarly when learning as on some NLP Courses people leave thinking that hypnotic language is something clever, different and special. As opposed to something we naturally do with each other every day.



  7. Hypnosis Melbourne

    You’ll be surprised just how many people never know you are using patterns. I’ve been using this for years and even to date am still surprised how much I can get away with.

    People are so into their own world that its easy to deliver nuggets with ease.

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