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Today’s article is about Nathan Thomas, the great work he is doing and an opportunity to develop your hypnotic skills in a phenomenal way.

How to be a Successful Hypnotist

I am often criticized for not expanding on the therapeutic and self development sides of hypnosis. If truth be told I have a lot to say about the persuasion skills aspects. I also think there are lots of people that have developed pure hypnosis products and do it much better than I would.

Using more than just Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

That said I also recognise that for you to be a great persuasion expert you need to have some background in hypnosis. I have been looking for a good hypnosis course that I can affiliate to give you that all round understanding. Unfortunately I have found the perfect course for you at just the time when it is being taken off the market.

Advanced Hypnosis Certification Course

Nathan’s course is the ideal addition for anyone developing their hypnotic persuasion skills. His course covers a huge amount of ground including an examination of the hypnotic techniques of the master hypnotists such as Milton Erickson and Dave Elman. Incidentally, Erickson is the grandfather of conversational hypnosis and much of the persuasion techniques we discuss can be directly linked to him.

Whilst this is good Nathan also covers on his course street hypnosis skills, therapeutic interventions through his hypnotic problem solver, self hypnosis and hypnotic entertainment. But let me make this clear, he does not cover stage hypnosis just how you can develop some impromptu entertainment using hypnotic techniques.

The Best Bits

Rapid Inductions – If you search for Nathan Thomas Hypnosis on You Tube you will find lots of videos of Nathan doing rapid inductions. On his course you will learn how to do several rapid inductions including some he devised himself and a non verbal induction.

Hypnotic Problem Solver – A three audio set that comprehensively takes you though the key ways of problem solving through hypnosis. I got some great results personally just using this set on myself and have used these ideas with several clients since.

Utilization – This is the concept of using what is going on around you to develop and deepen trance states. This is a key skill for hypnotists and persuasion engineers alike. It is rarely taught well because it is a nebulous subject but Nathan not only explains it he deconstructs the concept and builds it back up as a process that you can learn.

But what makes this course very special is Nathan’s attitude. He is fearless in his approach, totally passionate about hypnosis and completely committed to your success. You will realise these things about him as soon as you have seen some of the video clips around the internet of him doing impromptu hypnosis with random people. You will recognise the passion when you realise he is still a teenager and already better than many hypnotists and NLPers that I know. I also know he is committed to your success because he is withdrawing this course from the market.

The Bad News

I had planned a review of Nathan’s course for the future. I have brought it forward because he is withdrawing it from the market. As you have already seen I think it is a great product so I immediately asked him why he is withdrawing it. Nathan’s response was typical of how seriously he takes his products and sharing his knowledge. He told me that he will be doing a lot of travelling next year and therefore will not be able to maintain the course at the high level he expects and therefore he is withdrawing it from the market.

Whilst I see his point I was a little upset because I have only just found a hypnosis course that I would be happy to affiliate with, so Nathan has given me a little sweetener to help.

The Good News

Although Nathan is still withdrawing the course at the end of December he has offered a massive discount on the price to make it affordable to everyone that wants it.

This is the most comprehensive hypnosis course I have seen and will give you a well round hypnotic skills set.

Treat yourself to this special offer as it will only last for December and then the product is withdrawn altogether. Find out more here.

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