Hypnosis Downloads to Build Persuasion Skills

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One of the main difficulties people face with learning to use NLP Persuasion Techniques is taking the opportunity to try them out in real live situations. Many people have this issue.

Having the Confidence to use Persuasive Techniques

One excellent way of dealing with this issue would be to listen to a good hypnosis audio for confidence. This has the added advantage that if it is compiled by a good hypnotist using NLP language you also get an opportunity to listen for the patterns and analyse the structure.

Hypnosis MP3s

I was thinking of putting this together myself until I noticed what a great job Gemma Bailey at People Building has done. I highly recommend her confidence audio recording, it has some great language for you to think about as well as just listening and letting your mind do its work. You can even buy the script as an additional learning aid.

But let’s not stop there. When you click through on the link you will find hypnosis audios and scripts for all sorts of issues. Getting any of these will not only help with the relevant issue but will give you even more examples and illustration of how to use these language patterns. Listen to a few Hypnosis MP3s and discover more about hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns.

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