Covert Hypnosis and Taking Control of a Conversation

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This article is about the importance of taking covert control of a conversation in a persuasion situation. In any persuasion context you need to know where you want the conversation to go and then steer the conversation in that direction.

The Master Key to Covert Persuasion Skills

Without having control of the conversation it could go anywhere and then you are at the mercy of fate as to whether you hit your objectives or not.

Conversely by taking covert control of the conversation you can build massive amounts of rapport as well as making sure that the other person is at least pointed in the direction you want the conversation to go in. Here is the first ten minutes of a video lesson where I explain further.

The rest of the video explains in detail how to take complete covert control of the conversation. It includes how you can develop strong rapport, elicit a person’s deep unconscious values and then bind them to get what you want. In the forty minute video I give away the most powerful secrets of hypnotic conversation management.


The video talks about this area specifically and imagine directing a person to talking about what has to be there for a perfect date and then arranging that for them.


How many more sales would you make if you could conversationally elicit the most important benefits your prospect needs and then link these to features from your product or service?


Would your team be more motivated if you could facilitate them to understanding how their current project would fulfill them in a deep and meaningful way?


How good would it be if you could really connect with your teenage son or daughter and help them make choices that are empowering?

This video is only forty minutes and it uses a context of dating, but in it I spill the beans on the whole hypnotic conversation management process and once you have the idea it is easy to shift the context. This video is just one of many that you can download and keep as part of the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course.

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