Applying NLP Persuasion Techniques to Article Writing

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I have recently been asked by one of my advanced students to explain my article writing strategy. This was particularly in reference to an article and email that was packed with a huge amount of persuasion tactics as demonstration, teaching aid and to motivate the reader. This article will give you my personal step by step process.

The More You Fail The Closer to Success You Become

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This article is about a particular accelerated learning technique that can dramatically improve your ability to use hypnotic language patterns. And as a bonus you will get to learn another fun and easy to use language pattern. Try Before You Buy I’ve seen a lot of people fall in to an interesting double bind in many different learning situations. Some … Read More

The Key to Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

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There are all sorts of fancy NLP Techniques you can use to persuade people. But there is one thing that makes the biggest difference. John sent me an email the other day giving us an excellent example of how to succeed with Persuasion Skills.