How to Completely Fail as an NLP Coach

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I only take on a few coaching clients every year and have dramatically scaled down my coaching practice over the years. The truth of the matter is I am not very good at it. This article is why I suck at coaching and how you can avoid the problems that I have.

More Questions About Pattern Interrupts

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I’ve had a lot of response to my last article about using a pattern interrupt to drop someone into an instant state of suggestibility. This article will give you more ideas about how you can develop this skill.

NLP Persuasion Skills to Deal with the Corporate Bully

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I hate it when people are bullied and corporates are great at trying to bully small businesses. I was talking to a friend over lunch today about this and gave him a strategy for dealing with the corporate bully. Even if you are not in business this article will give you a strategy to deal with particular types of bullying … Read More