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Here is the core concept for getting rid of your negative thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Adding the Bells and Whistles

I had a friend that I met on my first practitioner course. As a result of his NLP Practitioner course he spectacularly nose dived from being a pretty successful freelance consultant in to a complete disaster of inactivity.

On the course we learnt a whole load of tools and techniques to rid yourself of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and things that hold you back. The problem for my friend was that he started to spend more and more time “clearing” stuff out from his unconscious. And the more he cleared the more he found to clear. Instead of spending time outside in the real world taking care of the things that matter he was spending time inside navel gazing and dealing with things that weren’t a problem until he made them a problem.

My idea is that things don’t hold you back until you are trying to get somewhere. I think therapy in its various guises; tools and techniques is really useful once you have started going somewhere and know something is holding you back.

Clearing stuff out before it becomes a problem means you will find things to clear regardless. By looking for problems you will find them and as a result it becomes harder to move forward. Once you start taking action the problems in relation to that action will come up and that is the best time to deal with them.

A Modelling NLP Practitioner Course

I come from an engineering and business background so I don’t have the common therapy approach to NLP Training. My view of NLP is that it is about modelling. On my NLP Practitioner Course we learn the tools for modelling and then how to apply them.

For example you will learn how to, at least double your reading speed whilst increasing both comprehension and retention. You will learn how to accelerate your learning of any subject. You will learn how to model and restructure beliefs, thought processes and patterns of behaviour. What that means is you get a set of tools that will give you the ability to take action and remove the blocks.

I am only running one course this year. You can click through and find more details here:




2 Comments on “NLP Therapy Made Easy”

  1. Aldona Fiszer

    We usually think too much about what we fear, what we do not have, that we are not good enough, etc…long list so I guess if we STOP and focus on what we have, achieved, are good at, not afraid of, the world will not be all that scary…just STOP IT..brilliant

  2. Russ

    all fears are irrational (except the fear of germs, so go wash your hands) if we think fearful thoughts, we will live in fear. We will manifest what we spend our time and energy thinking about, so why not then imagine how awesome our life is, and how it is improving every day in every way.
    The video reminded me of a drinking game back in college…every time the word Bob was said you had to drink, it was interesting, that this clip would have left us thirsty for over 6 minutes, I think that would be a record for that show.

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