Using NLP Training To Make a Difference to Your Business

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Learning and Development staff in the UK can make a huge impact on the UK. Unfortunately they are not often being used effectively. We will discuss some of the approaches NLP Trainers and Consultants can use to be more effective in the work place whether they are internal or external.

Changing the traditional role of training via NLP Business Techniques

The 2007 CIPD Annual Survey showed that:

  • only 12% of managers take learning and development very seriously
  • less than 50% of organisations have established methods of evaluating the impact of their L&D investment
  • whilst 56% of L&D staff feel that they do not have enough involvement in the development of the organisation’s strategy
  • for 22% of organisations the L&D involvement comes too late in the strategic development process to make any discernable impact

The issue then is how we create an environment where the Learning and Development Staff can prove their impact on the business, are taken seriously and consulted with at a strategic level in enough time to make a difference.

NLP Leadership and Strategic Thinking

leadWhilst it is useful for the Training Department to be involved at a strategic level in any organisations the truth of the matter is that they need to prove they have the capability and the impact at that level.

On an individual level NLP Training for Trainers and L+D professionals would provide them with influencing and persuasion skills, an ability to think more strategically as well as a whole raft of NLP Techniques to use.

Training professionals that are willing to use their hypnotic persuasion skills to develop a leadership role will eventually get to have impact at a strategic level. One graduate from my NLP Practitioner Training Course has managed to in less than a year work up from being a training deliverer to a very strategic L+D role.

NLP Training Techniques for Training Professionals

Increasing credibility could come from several directions. As above this might be about persuasion and leadership, but it could also be about creating results. One issue about training is that if you are not measuring the impact of your training then you cannot demonstrate your worth to the organisation. A straightforward systems approach to training can change that easily.

A systemic approach to training is not a new idea and is not the exclusive domain of NLP. But a Business NLP approach to organisations starts very much from the point of view of making sure you have very clear outcomes.

With this in mind, an NLP Trainer will ensure that there are means to evaluate the impact of their courses before they have planned any interventions. This might include pre-course development needs analysis all the way through to looking at the impact several years into the future.

Any good NLPer will show you quick and easy ways to developing outcomes on an individual and organisational perspective. These outcome systems need to take into account a variety of things for them to work in an organisation:

  • What structures and processes hold the current situation in place?
  • What do people gain from not changing?
  • What positive gains are there for the change both organisationally and individually?
  • What would people lose by making the change?
  • What organisational values and beliefs help or hinder the changes?
  • How will you measure the impact of the changes and over what time period will you look at it?

A good NLP Training  will give you tools to run down of the various levels of change for an organisation, how you can use that to plan training interventions and how you can evaluate the impact. A course that will give you detailed instructions on how you can do that and a whole lot more would be the Advanced Persuasion Patter Course.

NLP Training for Trainers

By placing your key learning and development people on good NLP Business Courses they can develop new training methodologies, persuasion skills to sell these ideas in and the strategic thinking to apply these skills effectively. A good NLP Course could be the difference that makes the difference in your organisation. Click this link and find out more here.

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