NLP, Accelerated Learning and Coaching

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This article is to introduce a video that demonstrates an accelerated learning model can help you dramatically improve your skills in any area of your life. I have seen people use this model to increase their results hundreds of times over in sales, management, parenting, and dating.

NLP Business Leadership and Coaching

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The dates of the next NLP Company Practitioner Training are 31st Jan to 8th Feb 2009 in Glasgow. The course will contain all the content for the certified NLP Practitioner Course but will centre on the theme of NLP Business Leadership and Coaching.

Hypnotic NLP Coaching Formula

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Personal Coaching

I have been asked a few times by coaches for a general formula for NLP and Hypnotic Coaching. Here is a powerful coaching process that can create some serious changes very quickly.

NLP Goal Setting Solving New Year Resolutions

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New, year, habit.

I am writing this at the end of November and the whole of this article has been provoked by a telephone call I have just taken. I have just spent ten minutes trying to calm down a friend who is already stressing about their New Year Resolutions. It still over 30 days before he needs to start and he already … Read More

Why Use NLP to Coach?

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DIverse People Holding Text Coaching

NLP Coaching comes in a variety of forms. Most NLP Practitioners do some sort of one to one work that could loosely be described as coaching. The best coaches use NLP as a backdrop to their coaching practice and there are a number of ways that this will manifest itself to their clients.