NLP and the Nature of Reality

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Due to my return to NLP Training I’ve been asked quite a few questions about my view on NLP. This article is about how you can use NLP to change the nature of reality.

How False are Your Memories?

You can only evaluate your memories from your current standpoint. Consider for a moment a person who loves his job and has been in the company for twenty years being made redundant. In my hypothetical example let’s just say this is a devastating result for him and he might look back on the day he was made redundant with a whole lot of negative emotion.

Suppose that because he worked for twenty years that he gets a big redundancy pay out and after a bit of adjustment he starts a company and a few years later finds himself rich, his own boss and enjoying life enormously. Would it be fair to say that he might look back on being made redundant in a whole new light based on his new experiences?

NLP the Study of the Nature of Subjective Reality

There is a lot of debate on what NLP is and isn’t. I would suggest that depending what you take the subject as will make a huge difference as to what you get from it. One definition of NLP is that it is the study of subjective reality. I like taking this a step further and say that it is art of manipulating the nature of subjective reality. I like this idea because it gives you a whole lot of things you can do.

If you understand the way that we create our reality you can use that knowledge to change the way you and others can change that reality. Let’s take that idea into some more tangible possibilities.

Belief Changes

Our beliefs really shape out world and how we interact with it. If you knew how beliefs are created, supported or changed then you have the opportunity to change them for yourself and for others. For example:

  • As a manager you might tweak the beliefs of your team so they enjoy working together and want to perform well.
  • As a sales professional you might adjust the beliefs that you prospects might have about your products and those of your competitors.
  • As a therapist, coach or hypnotist you might help your clients to develop more empowering beliefs and let go of limiting beliefs.
  • As a parent you might help you child develop beliefs that empower them to learn, grow and develop.
  • And just as a person how useful would it be to you to be able to tweak your own beliefs to create your world as a better place for you?

NLP Techniques and Belief Changes

Your beliefs are just part of the nature of your subjective reality and to some degree are based on your experiences. If you had a way of taking your experiences and changing the meaning of them you could change your beliefs.

Here is a simple example. Let’s say a new sales person has decided that she is useless at sales. And she cites the countless number of failed sales calls as an example of how bad she is as sales. Then she cites the few sales that she did make as dumb luck or part of the numbers game.

What if you could suggest to her that all the times she has failed to get the sale was all just a combination of luck, the numbers game and her learning the sales process. And that the sales that she has made have all been made because she did something right to facilitate that sale. Do you think this switch would make a difference in her attitude and long term create completely different results for her?

Imagine being able to do this for yourself. Imagine doing this with others. A lot of NLP is about how to create these sorts of changes. This is one of the key themes that will run through my only NLP Practitioner Course for this year. Click the picture and find out more.


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  1. Dan Miller

    Our perception of reality can be empowering or bring us down. The way we make others feel about themselves, especially if we are in a position of power, can make a major difference in their productivity and ability to accomplish great things. It is amazing what a change of perspective can do.

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