Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills for Healing

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Using NLP Persuasion Skills on Yourself On page 51 of the Persuasion Skills Back Book I suggest a way on increasing your self-esteem by using hypnotic language patterns to persuade yourself to think more highly of yourself. A natural extension of the process would be to talk yourself into healing any physical or psychological problem that you might face. This article is about how … Read More

Street Vendors and NLP Techniques

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This article is late. I had an article all prepared to post up this morning but on my way into work I had the most perfect demonstration of some amazing persuasion patterns and just had to share it with you.

What Makes You Do What You Do

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I am asked this question a lot. Often it is just so one of my graduates can show off their new found values elicitation skills by trying to persuade me to give them a massive discount on something (great try Jason and I hope you realise paying for dinner was being let off lightly).

Using Hypnotic Metaphor for Persuasion

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My last post provoked quite a few emails and responses. In my last article I discussed how you can use various different modalities (usually but not exclusively visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) to create various effects. This article takes that further and shows you different ways of hooking your audience and drawing them in to your process.