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This article is an index page for some tools on Rapport, Conversation Management and the build up to a little miniseries Field Report where you will discover how you can use your NLP skills to get people to by you free dinners.

Recently we have discussed:

Deconstructing Persuasion Skills Techniques

I want to move on to a field report to deconstruct how I combined all three approaches to get meals and drinks paid for from complete strangers. The first time I succeeded beyond my own expectations the second time I bombed out completely but got some amazing secondary gains. In both cases there was one key issue that once you (I) understand will get you significantly better results. This post is to set the scene for that field report.

NLP in Blackpool

I was in Blackpool delivering a two day NLP / Persuasion Skills Course. Progress Recruitment are a great company that specialise in helping disabled people find and keep work. They work with employers helping their organisations become more disabled friendly and tap into this pool of possible employees.

In two days we covered a phenomenal amount of ground including:

  • Perceptual Positions including a variety of applications from accelerated learning through persuasion techniques and developing rapport
  • Batari’s box and how you can use this to change behaviour
  • Eliciting and Utilising Values
  • And of course some powerful language patterns

All of these are covered extensively on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme and you can find taster videos covering these topics on my FaceBook page for the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Response to NLP Training

Here is an email I received about the course.

From: Gwyneth Tuck
Sent: 09 September 15:25
To: Rintu Basu
Subject: Feedback from NLP Course

Hi Rintu,
Feedback from the NLP course for you:
Interesting, interactive, well tutored, motivating, exciting, insightful, enjoyable, excellent, enlightening, relevant!
“Improved self confidence”
“very beneficial for the client group I work with”
“Good team building.  Made us look at ourselves, as well as clients and employers”
There were no negative points at all, so I think that says it all!
Best wishes

Gwyneth Tuck
Operations Development Manager
Progress Recruitment
Inclusive Employment – Achieving Business Success

This was a course specifically geared to giving the people in the company some NLP Tools for influence, persuasion and professional development. With a little tweaking it can become an extremely powerful Covert Persuasion Course.

Dining in Blackpool

The end result was I had two evenings dining out in Blackpool on my own. The first I occidentally managed to join two other diners and get them to pay for the meal. The night after I tried to repeat the process, bombed out completely but got free drinks from the restaurant management. The next post is a full field report with the patterns deconstructed and including the all important why it worked one night and not the other.

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