Persuasion Skills 101, Using Emotions

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Any reader of my articles will have heard me banging on about the power of emotions and how persuasive they are. This article actively demonstrates just how much more persuasive you can be with only a couple of little tweaks to the way you approach people.

How to Charm the Pants of Anybody

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Have you noticed that people with charm, presence and charisma get what they want more often than people that are rude, nasty and aggressive? I don’t think that is always true but what I can say from experience is the former get more consistent results and have better reputations, friends and referrals. This article contains some of the golden rules … Read More

Powerful NLP Models for Persuasion

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This is a short article to introduce a couple of videos. The ideas on these videos have made me hundreds of thousands of pounds, saved my life and in the days when I had a proper job won me promotions after promotion. One model is common in the NLP community but surprisingly the second I have never seen taught by … Read More

How to Build Deep Rapport in an Instant

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If you have been on this list for any length of time you have heard me speak about unconscious hellos before. Today you have the opportunity to catch a video from a true master persuader giving you the precise process so you can master this skill easily.